Lakeway Urgent Care

Lakeway Urgent Care – Lenoir City

460 Medical Park Drive, Ste 103
Lenoir City, TN 37772


First and best choice for Walk-in medical services!

Mission Statement

Dedicated to serving our community by providing prompt, state of the art healthcare services at reasonable rates with the compassion that patients deserve.

Who We Are

Lakeway Urgent Care is a full service Urgent Care/Occupational Medicine office. In addition to general "walk-in" medical services, we are specialists in the management of work related injuries as well as pre-employment and post-offer medical evaluations. Necessary X-rays, casting, lacerations and other procedures are performed in the office with referrals kept to a minimum.

Mon-Fri (8AM-8PM)
Sat (10AM-4PM)
Sun (10AM-4PM)
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