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Allow Us To Show You Why We Are Orange County's Most Innovative Medical Office.

Mission Statement

At Hybrid MD we believe that going to the doctor’s office should be a pleasant experience! Seeing your physician should be something you look forward to. You our guest, should walk away not just satisfied, but eager to tell everyone about the amazing experience you just had. We have created a dynamic combination of three medical services, assembled a team of amazing professionals and employ five diamond customer service in order to deliver the very best patient experience in South Orange County.

Who We Are

The concept of Hybrid MD was actually conceived about eight years ago when Dr. Jairam and Kevin Ferguson started tossing some ideas around about what the ideal medical office should be, how it should run, feel and what patients should walk away with. We thought about what our ideals were, what our complaints from doctor’s offices were, what we believed was wrong and what was right about doctors’ offices, staff and what we would want to do about fixing these issues. We were so excited the ideas were bouncing around and we realized that some direction was needed. To start out with, we had to decide what services we wanted to offer. We want to be very relevant, provide lines of service that we were passionate about and provide an unparalleled patient experience. This was going to be a concept in the works until more quality research could be done so that we could not only fine tune the details but find the perfect community to call home.

Dr. Jairam is board certified in family medicine and since his residency program at Drexel Family Medicine he has worked in urgent care here in California. During the last five years he has provided exceptional medical care and service to patients in the bay area and three years ago he moved to Orange County where he worked as medical director of a local Urgent Care system. Dr. Jairam received so many compliments and encouraging comments from his patients that he realized the dream of opening his own office was going to become an accelerated reality. However, being certified in both Aesthetic medicine and Age Management medicine, a simple Urgent Care was not going to satisfy his passion.

Kevin Ferguson has spent his entire working career in various areas of customer service and management. Having worked on both the east and west coast, creating, building and developing teams of five star, five diamond hospitality and customer service professionals. The last three years working in management at the Four Seasons Hotel in Philadelphia, both in the frontline and behind the scenes.

Dr. Jairam called his longtime friend Kevin Ferguson up and proposed that the time had come to combine their expertise and open the medical office they had often talked about. A medical office that would not only combined the three fields of medicine that Dr. Jairam was so passionate about, but also incorporate the Five Star – Five Diamond Customer Service experience that Kevin had developed.

Hybrid MD was born, not just a concept or an ideal but rather a completely innovative way to give our patients in South Orange County the best of both worlds, excellent medical care that not just heals you when you are sick but one that helps to improve and rejuvenate the lives of the patients that come seeking medical attention. We will provide outstanding customer service, work to always be as efficient as possible so our patients valuable time and money are not wasted and then we want to give our patients something unexpected, something to walk away with, a first class experience that they will want to share with everyone they care about.

Please come to see us in The Courtyards at Talega, in San Clemente and let us exceed your expectations!

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