Dairy Road Urgent Care – Melbourne

2107 Dairy Road
Melbourne, FL 32904

Mission Statement

Our commitment to our Patients: To provide a safe, caring and compassionate environment in which patient concerns are actively listened to an patients are offered the best and most appropriate medical advice. Our Commitment to our Staff: To provide a workplace community in which staff are free to be themselves fully respected as equal members of the medical service team.

Our Commitment to our Community: To give back to our community by participating as a model medical practice that not only cares well for its patients, staff and physicians but also cares for residents of Brevard County.

Who We Are

Dairy Road Urgent Care is a Walk In medical clinic dedicated to serving the community with excellent, timely and compassionate patient care.

Mon-Fri (8AM-8PM)
Sat (10AM-4PM)
Sun (10AM-4PM)
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