Baya Urgent Care

Baya Urgent Care – Lake City

1465 US 90 West
Lake City, FL 32055


Compassionate care at your convenience

Mission Statement

It is the resolve of Baya Urgent Care to operate in business under the direction of God, our ultimate authority. This strong commitment, our attitude toward others and our stewardship has made us successful as health care providers. We believe that to continue to be successful we are required:

  • To truly care for the patients and customers we serve, not so much out of obligation, but out of a genuine desire to meet their needs.
  • To do that which is right by those we serve, in all circumstances.
  • To create an environment where staff have a sincere commitment to one another and have opportunity for personal fulfillment recognizing that each one is valuable.
  • To recognize that the importance of family and spiritual life is greater than career and monetary success.
  • To be good stewards of our treasures, including our skills, our time and our material goods, preserving and developing them and committing them to areas of useful need.

Mon-Fri (8AM-8PM)
Sat (10AM-4PM)
Sun (10AM-4PM)
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