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Advantage Medical Clinic – Waxahachie

1014 Ferris Av
Suite 220
Waxahachie, TX 75165
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Its time to feel good about Healthcare.

Mission Statement

Everything about Advantage Medical Clinic is there to please the customer. From its dedicated aggressive communication, from not closing during the lunch hour, from asking its customers what they want and need, and from hiring the ultimate customer service oriented employees.

Join us; partner with us; challenge us to please you; we exist only to make you happy enough with our services that you will give us feedback that we have made you ecstatic with our care.

Advantage Medical Clinic is committed to reinvigorating health care by making it a customer service industry. As such, we will endeavor to put the customer first offering convenient hours, prompt service and open communication between the industry, doctor and patient.

Who We Are

Advantage Medical Clinic has been serving the Waxahachie area for several years. We provide a comprehensive menu of services for local industries and companies, specifically designed to accommodate your needs and wants. All services for large and small industries are provided, such as post-offer physicals, treatment of on the job injuries, and post-offer drug screenings(only one hour turn around).

Caring Staff we also provide primary care for your employees and their families without an appointment. We do not close during the lunch hour. We are a participating provider on several group health insurance plans. We exist only for the convenience of our customers, and not for our own convenience. The medical services are high quality and prompt. Waiting time is minimal. We are a certified DOT drug screen and breath alcohol collection site through DATIA. We provide a consortium for DOT and non-DOT drug screenings. We also make available post-offer ergonomic testing through a wonderful company named WorkSteps. Fit for duty exams are available through WorkSteps. We continually send our employees to the cutting edge seminars so that we can educate them on the latest drug screenings and breath alcohol rules and regulations.

Communication is our highest priority. We are proud of the partnerships we have developed with the local and corporate headquarters of all our industrial customers. When you send us a new on the job injury, and before the employee leaves our clinics, we invite you to participate with us in the decision making process of what type of full duty, or modified duty the employee will return to at your company. We do our own case management, therefore saving you money from having to hire nurse case managers. When we refer your employees to a specialist, we only refer to specialists that are like us, who will communicate with you, and not cause you problems.

Mon-Sun (7PM-6PM)
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